Mission & Objectives


We have greatly felt the need to gather the professionals and students of Computer Science and IT to improve upon and promote the use of information technology, to assist the nation. It is with this goal in mind, abiding by the rules and regulation at present this organization by the name “Computer Science and Information Technology Association of Nepal” has been established.


CSITAN will work with people all over the country for the betterment of CSIT students and will be instrumental in helping with their careers. It will also impart knowledge on the scopes of studying Computer science. It will also serve as a platform to be up to date on matters related to the Information Technology community. To assist the government in expansion of information systems throughout .


The organization has many far-reaching objectives. Some of them are listed here. It aims to develop the field of IT in all areas of Nepal. It aims to empower women in technology. It will also organize conferences, seminars, training for students and professionals alike all for the prosperity of the IT community of Nepal. CSITAN as a group of young energetic students will take part in many future endeavors.

What we do ?


We conduct many IT related workshop in the collleges which helps in the further development in skills of students.


We conduct seminars and talks with the national and international level speakers which helps in the motivation of students.


We have conducted and we will be conducting different types of IT related networking and web and webapp development bootcamps.

Who we are ?

CSITAN Chitwan

CSIT Association of Nepal- Chitwan is a non-profitable, non governmental, non-political, social organization established in 2014 by the young energetic students persuading their career in BSc. CSIT course. The main purpose of establishing CSITAN- Chitwan is to act as a bridge between the faculty, students and IT industries in Nepal. We have been actively involving for the past four years to bridge these gaps. Initiated by the enthusiasm and support of all the CSITANs from all affiliated colleges, we hereby proudly present this association formally among the public.

Executive Board Members

Meet our President, vice President, General secretary, and other member who helps to run our organization.
Manip Poudel
Bishal Poudel
Ananta Raj Mishra
Program Coordinator
0 Plus

Voice of Ex Board Members

A year back, I started a journey as the Media Handler and Spokesperson of CSIT Association of Nepal (Regional Branch 001) Chitwan Chapter. A full year, I got to learn things, learn leadership, help, collaborate, teach and co-operate.

Sushil Subedi
Ex- Program Co-ordinator and Media Handler

Here, the one year tenure as Secretary of CSITAN-Chitwan goes to end. I was feeling very lucky to work with represent atives of different colleges and got different kinds of experiences from different events. I m very thankful to CSITAN-Chitwan as i learn leadership and technical skills with full of funs.

Mr.Krishna Zenith Bhattrai
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Milan Poudel
Ex- President
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Asmita Neupane
Ex- Secretary


We focus on the following listed points to help students improve in better way. Along with this we help students to learn in easy way and we also conduct side-listed workshops.

  • Career Development
  • Software Development
  • Extra curricular Activities
Web Development
Android App Development

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Birendra Multiple Campus
Indreni College
Lumbini ICT College