CSIT Sports Festival -2075

CSITAN-Chitwan is going to organize it’s fifth Inter CSIT College Sports Competition as “CSIT Sports Festival-2075” from 12th of Falgun as the purpose of increasing the ability of one to coordinate with others and also to explore their hidden talent. All the Colleges have been invited officially. Respective team managers are requested to submit the final list of team squads
before 2075-11-11, Saturday 5:00 PM for Basketball(Boys and Girls)Tournament ,
before 2075-11-13, Monday 5:00 PM for cricket(Boys) Tournament,
before 2075-11-17, Friday 5:00 PM for Futsal Tournament and
before 2075-11-18, Saturday 5:00 PM for Football Tournament.
Tournament have been scheduled as:

1. 5th Inter CSIT College Basketball Tournament
>> Birendra Vs Indreni
>> Indreni Vs Lumbini
>> Lumbini Vs Birendra

>> Lumbini Vs Birendra
>> Birendra Vs Indreni
>> Indreni Vs Lumbini
Venue:Lumbini ICT Campus
Time 7:00 am

Date:2075/11/13 (final)
Venue:Lumbini ICT Campus
Time 8:00 am

2. 5th Inter CSIT College Cricket Tournament (Boys)
2075-11-14>> Birendra Vs Indreni
2075-11-15>> Indreni Vs Lumbini
2075-11-16>> Lumbini Vs Birendra
2075-11-17>> Final (TBD vs TBD)
Time: 7:00 am
Venue: Birendra Multiple Campus (CSIT Block)

3. 5th Inter CSIT College Futsal Tournament (Girls)
>>Birendra vs Lumbini
>>Lumbini vs Indreni
>>Indreni vs Birendra
>>Final (TBD vs TBD)
Schedule for futsal will be notify to soon.

4. 5th Inter CSIT College Football Tournament (Boys)
2075-11-19>> Lumbini vs Indreni
2075-11-20>> Birendra vs Lumbini
2075-11-21>> Indreni vs Birendra
2075-11-22>>Final (TBD vs TBD)
Time: 7:00 am
Venue: Birendra Multiple Campus (CSIT Block)

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