PyWorkshop ver.1.0

2017-07-01, Saturday

CSITAN-Chitwan successfully organized two days’ Workshop on Python at Indreni College, Bharatpur. The Workshop ‘PyWorkshop ver.1.0’ was projected to the CSIT Students of Chitwan. All together 27 Participants were benefitted directly. The Workshop was conducted on the Mentorship of three initiative Entrepreneurs: Mr. Kaushik Panta, Mr. Arun Kumar Pariyar and Mr. Kshitiz Tiwari. The Event broadly focused on the basics of Python and its implementation in real world software development which was broadly classified as:

2017-06-30(Day 1), Friday(Basics):

  • Introduction and scope of Python Programming Language
  • Variables and data types and basic syntax
  • List, Tuples, Dictionaries and their implementation
  • Loops and Conditions in Python
  • Functions
  • OOPS with Python (Classes and Objects)
  • File Handling and Exception Handling
  • Importing modules/libraries and implementation

2017-07-01(Day 2), Saturday(Advanced):

  • To build a CLI Based Quiz Program
  • Basic Arithmetic Calculator
  • Web Scrapping using BeautifulSoup



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